2. Bragg, through GMS, is creating a model like SkyBet for GMB:

  • SkyBet was sold to Stars Group for $5 billion in 2018

  • SkyBet was built from SkySports, which had 9M subscribers at the time (now 11.64M)

  • SkySports was the marketing platform used to build SkyBet and BRAGG model is similar

  • BRAGG own positions in the tech (Oryx), media (GMS), and betting (GMB) spaces

  • BRAGG position for growth is huge and our audience is larger than SkySports, with 30M unique monthly users, 20M in the UK & large crossover audience between GMS visitors and other betting sites including:

    • Camelot - UK’s national lottery operator - 1.45M

    • Skybet.com - 1.2M

    • Paddy Power Betfair - 400K

4. Oryx is undervalued:

  • When comparing to peer Groups in this sector, Oryx is undervalued

  • Oryx just hit a milestone – the Aggregator platform is now taking more than 20M Euro in bets on average per day

  • Oryx on track for exceptional growth in 2019

1. Bragg owns 3 assets:

  • Strong executive team including Dominic Mansour CEO of Bragg (former Full Tilt CEO), Rick Waterlow CEO GiveMeSport (former President of VICE Media) and Matevz Mazij (Founder of Oryx)

  • Give Me Sport (GMS) - With a considerable user base, 26M Facebook fans (bigger than ESPN (19.2M), SkySports (11.64M) GiveMeSport is a sport media outlet providing exclusive player and manager interviews, providing fans with up-to-date features, match previews and match reviews

  • GiveMeBet (GMB) - UK focused sportsbook 

  • Oryx - Rapidly growing B2B tech gaming business – the Crown Jewel

3. Dominance in UK sports, uniquely positioned for US entry:

  • US sports betting market is becoming legal:

  • 8 states had fully legal sports betting by the end of 2018

  • Between 6 & 13 states plan to regulate sports betting by the end of 2019

  • Estimated black market for sports betting is $4.6 billion

  • The legal sports betting market was only $400M in 2018 in the 8 states where sports betting is legal - Forecasted to grow to $650M in 2019

  • Growth potential in regulated markets is always bigger than black markets due to no payment issues or restrictions on marketing, etc.

  • BRAGG’s position in Europe, and in UK in particular, with GMS internal marketing channels, and Oryx B2B technology allows quicker scaling into the US market than competitors